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A group of non-industry competitive business women meet once a month in a 12 monthly meeting forum. Our objective is simple - to equip you for your role in business to always be a few steps ahead. We bring just in time knowledge with relevant tools and trends and you bring your experience. We fuse them together to sharpen your skills and augment your knowledge.  WiBA peer council forums assist you by highlighting blind spots and raising potential red flags through monthly accountability reports backs and case studies. You gain clarity and certainty.

The result – confidence with your next decision allowing you to make strategic decisions which are future forward.

The Crossing Business Advisory

The Crossing Business Advisory specialises in strategic development that focuses on business optimisation, accountability, performance and development. Using Strat Tracker, a high level performance methodology which optimises efficiency and maximises company performance and team development as well as everyday business tools, we can transition you to economic vitality with practical, outcome-based solutions. Sustainability is our mission. Accelerated growth follows. 

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for South African Chapters

The Women Presidents’ Organisation (WPO) is the global and premium peer advisory organisation for women presidents, chairman, CEO’s, managing directors, partners and owners of privately owned companies with mature revenues. WPO extends over 85 cities across the world with 140 chapters serving 2000 members. Through confidential and collaborative peer advisory forums known as chapters, the WPO accelerates business growth, supports sustainability, enhances competitiveness and promotes economic security.


At The Crossing Business Advisory we empower owners and managers to take charge of change in their business. Whether it is a lack of profit, poor accountability or operational blind spots costing you time and money, at The Crossing Business Advisory we offer long-term strategic insight and practical tools to drive your multifaceted business to financial sustainability. 

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